Powertex is the environmentally friendly, water-based textile hardener which can harden absorbent materials such as textiles, fabric, cloth, paper, cardboard, leather and fiberglass.

Powertex can be easily combined with self-hardening clays, concrete, stone, ceramic, wood, sand and Stone Art.

Powertex is used for making sculptures, paintings, decorative objects and jewellery.

Both Kaz & Annie are certified Powertex Tutors and host regular workshops; see our What’s On page for details.   If you see something you would like to create and we don’t have a workshop listed, please speak to us as we can arrange workshops to suit you.

Kaz & Annie’s, Ceramics and More are also stockists of Powertex together with our own range of embellishments and accessories.

Powertex Fabric Hardener

Available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Powertex Pigments, Varnish and Inks

Available in a wide range of colours.

Workshops Available:

This is a sample of the Powertex workshops we have available.  More workshops will be added when created.  Please contact us for more information or pop into the studio to have a look at our completed examples.